Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Darling Face of a Sell-out

After many years working in the Danish film industry, Bas has faithfully stayed strictly behind the camera. But one particular ad agency (not the one I work at) simply had to have a piece of him. They offered him the prestigious job of being the “face of Fullrate broadband,” to which he politely declined. They countered with more money. We discussed, he passed. They came back with an even better chunk of change; we conferred, decided it could chip in to our expensive take-away habit, so he accepted.

He really stepped in it. Ever since, Bas has endured much teasing from his film-worker friends. It’s all friendly, but those occasions when he’s recognized at 3 AM by the fleshy Turkish man handing him his shwarma as ‘the guy from those commercials,’ he cringes.

This is commercial #3 in a series of several to come. I’ve been a Fullrate customer since moving to Denmark. They offer good broadband for your home, for a great price.

They say they picked Bas because he looks like the ‘every man’. Then they get more specific with the jab that he could pass for the down-on-his-luck, slightly dizzy Danish dude in a shirt that is too big. I think they wanted a piece of him because he’s cute as a button. But I’m biased.

See for youself!

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