Friday, October 29, 2010

"F*cking Flinke Camryn"

So my American peeps, in Denmark, when people say the “f-word” it has the same impact as one of us saying ‘friggin’. It’s a borrowed, foreign word to them. That said, there’a “F%*$ING FLINK” campaign underway in Denmark based on a book and short film imploring Danes to try being more Freaking Nice. Flink means nice.

I wrote a letter to the author, thanking him for taking up this cause,  as I believe it is an important issue that flies under the radar in Denmark. Lars AP, the author,  posted my letter on his blog. Link below. What a freakin' nice man.

Fucking Flink: Fucking Flinke Camryn: "Som jeg tidligere har nævnt, får jeg mange reaktioner på Fucking Flink. Fra danskere. Fra danskere bosat i udlandet. Og så fra udlændinge, d..."