Monday, September 3, 2012


     It was the wedding I didn't think we'd have. ONE week before the wedding, I was diagnosed with acute pertussis (whooping cough). FOUR days before the wedding, my family was stuck in Paris, unable to get out for two days (due to SAS-ballyhoo).  TWO days before the wedding, they were in Copenhagen...with no baggage! ONE day before the wedding, there were threats of all-day Saturday thunderstorms. 

And then, in a poof, all of our troubles magically disappeared. Martin and I had the exact wedding we wanted to have. It sounds so cheesy, so cliché, but it was "the best day of our lives." 

We had a theme that incorporated both of our countries. Call it Danish-Americana, with a palette of white, red and blue.

We enjoyed: a beautiful, Catholic ceremony (in English), gorgeous sunshine all day long, a canal tour with homemade ice cream, 65 close friends and family present, frolicking in the park, dinner & dancing in a greenhouse, and heaps of Danish speeches, toasts, kissing traditions and singing. 

Yes, I coughed a few times during the day, so I puffed on my inhaler. Martin's knees went a bit weak during his heartfelt groom's speech. The day was full of honesty, laughter and gratitude. Our family members were phenomenal.

I felt lucky to be standing there, and I reminded myself constantly to remember to 'stay in the moment.' 

It helped. 

Our wedding was a day that I will always cherish because I got to marry the Man of My Dreams. The Dude of My Life.  The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me. 

Martin is just so good to me. And now he is my husband!