Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 Things to do on a lame-ass day

When times get tough, it's helpful to set up a 'plan-of-action' to help get through the day. Perhaps it’s an American tendency of mine to take stock of troubles, then pin-point a methodology for ridding them. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Make a batch of cupcakes.
2. Go for a run – listen to music on iPod (*avoiding Tracy Chapman at all costs).
3. Call 2 friends who like you more than they liked him.
4. Change the bag in your Bosch vacuum cleaner. Pull out all loose change.
5. Watch a Sex & the City episode (*while sipping a Cosmo. Identify w/Carrie only in severe cases.)
6. Eat ½ a cupcake. Feed the second half to the swans at Sortedam Sø.
7. Try to find some taste in it. Be grateful.
8. Read a Leonard Cohen poem. Poke fun at the strange words.
9. Go for a bike ride.
10. Make a list of things to make a list about. Turn into a Powerpoint.

A final option -- in the event the other 10 fail -- would be a last-minute jaunt to Paris. When in doubt, get out of town. Throw your cares away like an old, stale baguette and stand amidst a city of people just as confused as you.

Au revoir.


Allyson said...

Wonderful list! I hope I don't need to resort to it anytime but just in case...I'm printing out a copy to tape onto my bulletin board.

You're stronger than the diamonds in that Iroman pendant of yours!


Anonymous said...

Red Velvet cupcakes are best. You are the prettiest ever with no makeup, more cupcakes. Now I'm a true believer that this has all been worthwhile. I'm glad you got my birthday email - thanks for giving "Aspen" a shout-out. Love You!

Miss(ing) Shakespeare said...

Ahhh.. Indeed. I'll hop right on over to Paris on this lame-ass day I'm having. :) If only life was that simple. I'll have to settle for Newport, RI. So totally NOT Paris.

Fun blog! ^_^

Miss(ing) Shakespeare said...

Thanks for your comment about my wedding sideshow. ;) Nice to have visitors. The wedding was actually awesome... I'll post pictures when we get them on disk from the photographer. However, some things went wrong (as mentioned), and I definitely needed to vent... a la Blogger. Thanks for reading! ^_^

Quaint Murmur said...

That's a very good list.

Except if I made a batch of cupcakes, I'd eat half of them (sampling, you see?), and then would procrastinate about my daily walk and just lie on the couch the entire day. Assuming of course, that I didn't have to attend college!

Nice blog space you have here...Will be back!


Anonymous said...

Did life in LA make you crazy and run away to Europe? that's ok. will see you when i see...tahoeskipowder